Saturday, June 25, 2011

Covered In It Again

For some reason I thought my days of being covered in grease were long gone. I was wrong.

Back in the day I worked on old truck by fixen them up and selling them to make an extra dime here and there. The last projects I had were some old Broncos that I knew I would never sell but in the end I had to for the down payment on the Mini Farm. Even though I never got them all the way done, they still made a small profit. I knew right then the wind was out of my sail on working on old vehicles.

I got the truck for the middle girl a couple of weeks ago and knew I was going to have to do a little work on it and I really did not know why, but I was dreading it. By now all my tools have collected some rust from lack of use and most were put away in places that were not all that accessible anymore. Plus I do not have the ideal place anymore like a concrete floor and shade to do any major work. I think that is why I was dreading it the most. I have to roll around on the ground out in the sun, in the summer.

So I bit the bullet and got started yesterday and just like I figured the further I got into it the more I found wrong.      
We started off putting some better tires on it and while the wheels were off I saw it needed new breaks so we put new breaks on it. The starter was dragging making it hard to start so we also put a new one of those on as well.

While I was under the truck I noticed water dripping. I found the source to be the water pump.
In the old days a water pump was not that hard to change out. On the newer trucks though, you almost have to loosen the back bumper to get it off. The picture above is the whole front of the motor now sitting in the back of the truck and it all had to come off just for this little thing to be removed pictured to the left. 
While I am already there, I am going to go ahead and replace the thermostat and also found some bad rub spots on the radiator hoses so those will be replaced as well. Speaking of radiators, It looks as if this one has a hole in it down on the side in a place where it can not be fixed so a new one of those is now needed.
The good news is, with a complete new Cooling System (radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat), Starter, Battery, Battery Cables, Tires, Breaks, Belt, Exhaust System, Plugs and Plug Wires this should be a sound truck.

If I would not have gotten it at the deal I did, I think I would have towed it back to my buddy's and left it.
But on the other hand, I am having fun doing it. It is nice to bust my knuckles again and see just how far I can still throw a ratchet.    


  1. Sounds like you and my Dh are on the same wavelength! Our Dd just bought a 1990 Ford Taurus sedan and he's been going through it with a fine tooth comb. The only things we'll need to pay to have done are flushing the radiator and transmission. He's changed the oil, replaced a leaky valvecover gasket, plugs and wires, air filter, checked hoses and the unibelt and will check brakes when she's saved enough to replace the tires( before winter) I think it's going to need a new battery before then too. When it's all done she should have a reliable rig and she'll be getting better gas mileage too :o)


  2. One thing always leads to another, doesn't it? Every cloud has a silver lining and most 'good deals' have a few loose ends to be tied up. But it sounds like a good safe ride for her now. You're a good dad!

    : )

  3. I hate, using the word hate here, working on engines. I have the ability to monkey wrench a few things but when it gets deep I call my son. My hat is off to you for helping your girl, you are a good father.

  4. BTW, left a picture of a fish for you, as you requested, on my blog. Scroll down to find.

  5. Thank yall for the comments.
    Kelle, Being that she or I cannot afford a new car and refuse to have payments, this is what is expected for a truck under $1000. I just hope it stops at the water pump. Good luck on your rig as well.
    HossBoss, It will be once it is all done, I hope. I am sure it have this and that go wrong but that is expected on an older truck. At least I can work on it.
    Stephen, I don't know if it is being a good dad or not. It is just helping out your kin. I help make her so I should be the one to help her with everything she does. Doesn't all parents help their kids? I know the answer to that and it is a real shame.
    I will check out the fish and thanks.