Sunday, June 19, 2011

If I Had Better, I Can't Remember When

 Fathers day weekend is one of my most favorite weekends of the year. For one reason, the stuff that I do that I usually get yelled at for is ok during this two day weekend. Another is, I don't have to do anything I don't want too, but most of all it is where everyone is generally nice to me.

Yesterday what I thought was going to be a really messed up day yesterday turned into a pretty good one. After the middle girl was done with her test (that was later explained to me as a test she has to take so she can take dual credit courses) me, her and the youngest went to the zoo. I had a great time with them and wished to whole family could have came along.

After we got home from the zoo I had a little surprise for the middle daughter. She has been working real hard now for about two months and doing real good at her job. She got her driving permit last month and of course has been talking about how she was going to save and get a truck. A buddy of mine had this pickup and did not need it so he made me a great deal on it and I thought it would be perfect for a teenage girl. It has a couple of whiskey dents here and there and it needs a little TLC, but all in all I think it will work just fine. She spent all morning out there cleaning and adding her own little touches to it and could not stop smiling when she was driving it around. So this weekend I am the best Dad ever in her eyes.

Last nights Fathers Day and Anniversary supper we did for Mom and Dad was a big hit. Almost the whole family was there and they really appreciated it.
It is good that we all can get together like that as much as we do without to many problems. It was not always like that though. When we were all young and bringing new mates into the family it was just like throwing a new hen in the hen house. The pecking order gets all messed up and there is always fights and gossip.
We all have been together for a long time now and all that stupid stuff is pretty much gone. There are still some "Butting of Heads" every now and then, but we all now where each others buttons are and try to fall just shy of pushing them.
Take one of my sister-in-laws for instance, we are both very outspoken people and we tend to offend whoever we talk to, sometimes. If you are not offended, then you haven't talked with us long enough. The only way we show that we like each other is when we hurl insults at one another. This goes on from the moment we see each other till the time one of us leaves. Sometimes she gets the upper hand and sometimes I do. In the end everyone is happy because we take it out on each other and not anyone else. It may sound strange but we found something that works.       

My Fathers day gift to myself is, I decided not to sweat. I did some work on the new truck this morning with the girl and for the rest of the day I am not going back out in the 104 degree heat. I even put on my lounging shorts and everyone knows that means I am going to do nothing. Those shorts don't come out very often but when they do they mean it.
I will tell yall this, Redneck girls know what a Redneck Dad wants for Fathers day. I got a package of socks, a new pair of wire cutters and a brand new fiberglass handled sledge hammer. What else could a guy need.
I think this is the best one yet. Every body is full, happy, cool and smiling.

I hope all yalls Father day goes as good as mine has. Have a great day and a better week.

Here are some pictures of the storm that blew in last night and no we did not get a drop of rain from it.   



  1. Enjoy your day. Spent mine cutting grass. Then again, my son is grown and he refuses to take my commands - go figure.

  2. It sounds like a great weekend to me!

  3. Times were tough in the old days, but old age has made us appreciate each other and the struggles each of us has been through. Not that I would ever admit to it, and Lord knows you having it in writing will forever haunt me...I kind of like you...a little and am glad to have you as a brother in law!!!

  4. Thank yall for the comments.
    I read that last comment from my Sister-In-Law and folks, get ready, the end is near and hell just froze plum over.
    That's funny right there.