Monday, June 27, 2011

Was That A Train Wreck?

Wow! I don't know what happen yesterday but I think a train wrecked inside my head all day. I was down and out. It hurt so bad I was almost thinking tumor or something. Needless to say not much went on except me acting like a baby. Today is a little better but I can feel it still wanting to de-rail again so I took it easy at work and tried to stay cool.
You know how us men are when it comes to being sick. We can bite the head off a rattle snake for breakfast and drink the poison for a after meal smoothie, but give us a stomach ace and we become 4 again.

The wife ran some errands for me today and one of those was picking up the water pump and thermostat for the middle girls truck. I think I might need to let this one set for a day or two because I sure don't want to that pain to come back again so soon.

Saturday we advertised one of our buck pygmy goats for free. Nobody ever wants to buy a buck goat but plenty of people want it if it's free. I had one lady want me to deliver it and I told her that I was not going to deliver a free goat. She could not understand why.
The reason I am telling yall this is because it seems that everyone wants to text instead of calling me no days. I am not a text-er and when I tried to call them back, they would not answer the phone. I was finally able to get rid of the free goat and also was able to convince the people they needed to buy one of the does to keep the buck company. All through texting.
That was the first time I have ever sold animals by only texting. When the people arrived, I didn't have anything to say to them and neither did they say much to me. They just loaded up, paid and went on their way. When they left, they started texting again on how much they appreciated everything.
I don't understand it.


  1. Now that's just weird ...on their part, I mean. Yeoldfurt and I have texting disabled on our phones. I'm not sure if anyone texts us if they get a message saying our phones do not accept text messages ...but we never receive the messages. That's fine with me. Don't know how to text, don't WANT to know.

    Glad you got one billy goat gone and were able to sell a doe in the process. Hope your headache is gone and never comes back.

    : )

  2. I gave away two black nubians, but I made the guy swear on a stack of bibles he wouldn't sell them to the Mexicans. They were good goats, they just ate things like the side of the house that they were not supposed to.

  3. That's why people are not socialable (is that a word?) anymore. 75% of all my clients text me for appointments.
    Small Farm Girl

  4. I use text; it's a quick way for my children to get a hold of me when they need my help. But, it can be a pain in the butt. Oh, MDR, I tried to fish but the charter captain said I could not bring aboard my M!A. Seems they have funny laws about fishing with a rifle. Told him I'd be careful. Gave me a few funny looks.

  5. sounds like you got too hot working on your daughters truck need to try to stay cool and dring a lot of water not beer when in the heat
    God bless

  6. Thank yall for all the great comments.

    HossBoss-The only reason I have text available on the phones is because of the kids. Most of the time they have to have their phones on silent and one of the rules are, If Im calling, then no matter what you are doing, you better answer. Being in school and work, they have to keep the ringers off so if I need them I will text and they will respond when they can.

    Arsenius the Hermit-LOL, I give away bucks because I need new blood lines once every other year. I do not want to take the chance on inbreeding. Did you not want them to be eaten or something?

    Small Farm Girl- I guess it is the way of the future. I don't like it one bit. I can sell more if I get the chance to talk to ya.

    Stephen-That is the only reason I have text on my phone. I have never fished with a rifle. Good thought though. I might try it.

    Anonymous-I think that is what happened. I have not had a beer in about two weeks but now that you mentioned it I am getting a little thirsty. Oh now you are an enabler. LOL