Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Small To Eat

Storms blew through here with a vengeance last night bring 80 mile and hour winds, hail and rain falling sideways. In town there were building ripped to shreds and trees up rooted throughout town.  
Thank goodness the Mini Farm escaped with little damage.

Here is a picture of a small amount of the corn that was uprooted. I did not want to harvest the corn this way but I went ahead and pulled off the little 3" ears. There were not enough to bring out the canning equipment and the ears were to small to really, eat so I just fed them to the chickens. I only have three corn stalks standing now and that will not be enough to last all winter, maybe just a meal or two. Store bought corn here I come.  
 All the tomato plants are laying on their sides. I have 12 plants in all and not a one is still standing. They are still rooted so I think I will leave them the way they are and not take the risk of standing them up and breaking the stalks.
Pepper plants are the same way. I can still cage these without fear of breakage and maybe they will be ok.

Even the Sweet potato plants were beat up really bad from the hail but I guess it could have all been worse.

On a positive note nothing drowned, the barns are still standing and rain barrels are full.

Tonight is round two with some really bad stuff heading this way so wish us luck.


  1. I sure do wish we could take some of that free water off your hands, Redneck! We had 60 percent chance of rain today on the forecast last week. By the time today rolled around, it was down to 30 percent chance of 'scattered thundershowers' and we ended up with not a drop.


  2. you need to say a thankyou to God for keeping you and yours safe through the storm loosing some of your garden is nothing compared to what it could have been if He hadn't been there to protect you and your family not to be preaching to you but I sencerely believe he waches out for and protects his children

  3. For years my father allowed his tomato plants to crawl along the soil, acres of them (he has a large farm) and they did very well. Of course his were the older heirloom varieties, but I believe yours will do just fine. Like HB said, wish we had your rain. We're so smoked in today it's hard to breath.

  4. Thank yall for the comments.
    HossBoss, We love the free water but the wind and hail that comes along with it we can do without. Did yall get any last night?

    Anonymous, all I can say is "Preach it" If you read this blog then you know we had him on the line all the way through the storm.

    Stephen, The only problem with letting them on the ground is the picking. It is a real pain to get to the red ones.
    We badly needed the rain but not all that came with it.
    We have been real lucky there has not been any fires up this way.

  5. I am so sorry to hear of the loss. I was monitoring the storms as my children are in Princeton. It seems the storms blew out most of their steam up there. We didn't get that much wind here in NE Texas. We got some but not much. As for the rain we didn't get much but I am grateful we got some. At this point any little bit helps.

  6. I agree Genevieve, every drop of rain that fell we needed. Now I wished it would come a two day slow soaking one.