Monday, June 13, 2011

Good News and Bad

The good news is the AC is up and running and now life can get back to normal. The bad news is, life can get back to normal.
I guess it takes doing some hard time to be thankful of what you got and also makes you think that maybe we don't need half the stuff we do have. I don't guess I would want to live in a camper and grill out every night of the week from now on or piss ant dishes and food back and forth from the house to the camper more than a couple of days at a time but I tell you this, being homeless (so to speak) every now and then makes you really wonder if you need that big TV or all those fancy kitchen gadgets.

I know what your thinking, "Dude, it was for only a weekend" and you are right, but if the repair guy would not have worked out a deal for us then it could have been a month or so. Thank goodness we had animals to sell. It took everything we made this weekend from the Mini Farm sell plus a little to get back into the house.

Is that not what  the animals are for. I look at it as they are an investment for just those hard times. You might even say they are my living savings account. Yes it is a high risk savings account but they did their job again this time. When "It" happens they are there for food, money or trade. I did have to make some deals and sell some for less than I would have any other time but in the end they did their job.

We still have about 200 chickens, 4 geese, 15 goats, 29 quail, a incubator full of eggs and a garden full of food. I could stand to sell off about 100 more chickens and a couple of goats and be just fine.

It was a tough weekend but in the end I think we came out of a little stronger and we did learn a thing or two in the process so it was a win win.

There has been a few new members to the MDR family and I wanted to give a big welcome to them. You know who you are and I sure do thank yall for becoming part of all this mess. If yall need anything just let me know. Drop me an e-mail or just leave a comment and I will always respond.
Thanks again for being a part of  Modern Day Redneck.


  1. Good to hear you got your A/C fixed. Just out of curiosity what do you guys use the goats for (aka milk, meat)?

  2. Wow that was a fast comment, I just hit the post button. lol
    Right now we just breed and sell. They are there in case of "IT" and I was sure glad of it this weekend because as you know a small "IT" happend. If worse comes to worse they will be food. The plan is when I get to it on the ever growing list, I will build a stantion barn and use them for the milk to make soap and cheese.
    Thanks for the question.

  3. Glad you got it all worked out and are back in the house, Redneck. Wow ...200 chickens! My flock of just 7 occasionally gets the better of me when I'm trying to put them to bed at night. They're just like kids. "Can't we stay out just a LITTLE longer??" whine, whine ...ugh!

  4. It's really funny HossBoss, I go out and tell them to go to bed and point at the barn and they do. They mind better than the kids do. Every now and then I will have a couple rebel against me but in the end they all go.
    Thanks for the comment.