Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Giddy As A School Girl

There are not many times in my life where all 6'4", 285 pounds of my, little less than solid anymore, Redneck man ways breaks down and acts like a teenage school girl getting ready for her first date, but last night was an exception.
In two weeks we will be taking the oldest girl down to Texas A&M for her student conference and we will be doing the parent tour along with it. That should be enough to send any parent into a boastful state of happiness but that is for only one day.
While the girl stays at the campus, the wife and I will have two days to just be together and do things. Yall might think that is why I got all giddy, but your wrong.
Tuesday we plan to visit Washington On The Brazos to see where Texas got it's start. I have always wanted to go there and take the tour. I love history and I love Texas so this is a double thumbs up for me. That's exciting, but not giddy exciting.

Here it is, ready? While there, they have a Amish community of sorts that lives the way they did in 1833. It was featured on Texas Country Reporter a few months back and I really wanted to go and check it out.
Ok, Here's the good part, I pay them $5 to get to dressed up and work on their farm. Oh yea, who's your daddy?
I will get to run a team of oxen, make soap, spin yarn, plant crops, haul hay, use an outhouse, help cook and do it all without AC or any type of modern technology. I become the living exhibit.  How exciting is that?

Hold on a second, after typing it out and reading it back, it does not sound so fun. I am going to pay them money, to do the stuff I already do at the Mini Farm, minus the Oxen. This is a scam! Why can't I have people pay me to do my work? That's genius.  Have city folks come down and work your fields and make your stuff for you, and get paid while watching you do it.
At any rate it is worth it to say I played Amish for a day. Oh will I have some stories to tell.
I can see it now, I bet you, in a couple of years the story will go from being Amish for a few hours to living in a community for a year of so. That's funny           

Oh, one other thing, I know everyone is busy with all that you do, but if you have a minute to spare stop by
I was going through some of my readers one day and stumbled upon this young lady's blog. I started to read it and thought to myself this young girl has her head on straight and also some amazing parents. They sounded just like me and the wife. When I saw the pic of this young lady, I realized she does have some amazing parents because they are us. Yup, it's my oldest girl and boy can write, she must have got that from her momma.  


  1. LOL!!!! Thanks for the straight laugh out loud moment.... I was wondering as I read about your working on the Amish farm when you would "Snap" Too Funny!
    Ya'll have fun and "GIG 'EM"

  2. Sounds like you have a great trip planned, Redneck. I sent you an email, hopefully we can meet up while you're here. Enjoyed reading the daughter's blog too. I've read all of her 2011 posts, I think there are three more in 2010 that I need to read. Pretty amazing young lady ...but you already know that, I'm sure!

    : )

  3. I can picture you one hour into the work....sweat, blisters, huffing and puffing. But, I bet you'll have the time of your life. On my way to your daughters blog. Thanks.

  4. That sounds like how I grew up, except we did have A/C once it got above 95 and dad let mom turn it on. Cant imagine going back to hauling hay again either. I still remember how excited I got when dad came home with that round baler. Good times.

  5. Thank yall for all the comments.

    SciFiChick - I would love to live that way but I can tell you it would not be in Texas.

    HossBoss - Thanks for stopping by her blog. I really did not know she had one and thought while reading it she was raised just like my girls. Funny.
    Let me know what yall come up with on meeting up.

    Stephen - Now give me a little more credit than that, maybe and hour and a half.
    Thanks for checking out her blog. Give her some kind words of wisdom as she embarks on her next phase of life.

    Livininthecity - Oh how those days haunt me, but I would return in a heart beat.

  6. That is so cool!! I'm totally in awe of the Amish!!!

  7. Niecey, Thanks for stopping by,
    I am on some things, but have to have my AC. If I could find a Amish guild that had it I might just move there.

  8. Shoot, I'll pay you to sit around and do nothing. Oh wait, the government already does that for too many people already.


    Heading to WishOnShootingStars now...

  9. I like that name, The Orange Jeep Dad.
    I loved my jeep when I had it. I would take it easy on the rocks but the wife would make me scream like a girl.