Thursday, September 30, 2010

One At A Time

It takes longer to get all the tools out and set up than it takes to build one of these little walls but that is just about all the time I have in the evenings. The days are starting to get shorter now so evening work time is getting less and less.
I did manage to get one more wall done tonight on the "Tween" pen. That makes two down and two to go. With no rain in the forecast for this weekend, I should be able to get this little thing done.

The wife is stacking up the "Honey do" list on me though. She has new spirits about the direction we are going and made up a new plan on the breeder and grow out pens. Her plans even call for field rotation. I am excited she is excited.

We got our first Serama mini chicken egg today. This pic is the egg next to a bantam egg. Now that is small.

Also Mom and Dad gave the wife a couple of dozen Araucana eggs to set in the incubator tonight. So in a few weeks we should have even more baby chicks running around.

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