Wednesday, September 8, 2010


The tropical storm sat over this part of Texas for the past two days leaving eight to ten inches of rain behind. My satellite internet has been down so I could not post any up dates. Once it clears up I will get yall updated on what all has happened.

On top of all the weather, the well went down and I do not know when or how it is going to be fixed. It is a good thing I at least had one of the rain water harvesting systems in use. The kids spent some time bringing water to the house to use to fill the toilets and to have some on hand through the night when nature calls. I just wish the 3000 gallon one was up and running and then I would have no problems at all.


  1. No pun intended but when it rains it pours doesn't it? WOW that first picture is scarey, lots or rain, running like a river.

    Sorry to hear about your well, praying it is an easy and inexpensive fix.
    Keep your feet dry and we'll look for more info on how things are going.

  2. Good thing you're already a prepper, or you'd have an even rougher time of it. That's the point of prepping, isn't it? To prepare for WHATEVER might befall us. No worries, the sun will shine again!

    I hope the well issue is resolved as quickly and painlessly ($) as possible!

    : )

  3. Thank you both for the kind words. It does seem to pour when it rains and I have now come to expect it. Like I said, If I would have had the big water system finished and the filtration system ready, then showers would not be a problem either. Drinking water is not a big concern at the moment but if this lasts more than a week then it will get to be one. I hope we can get the well problem resolved today or at least find out what is wrong with it. It takes things like this to re-vamp your focus on what projects are more important.

  4. I grew up on a ranch with our own well water. I've hated water ever since moving away, because nothing tastes sweet like that water did, everything else tastes like dirt or chemicals.

    We would do without water whenever the power went out, as our well was dug, of course, down in the valley of the property, and our home was up higher. Until my dad installed a second tank up on top of the hill behind us, so we'd have gravity feed.

    Looks like you are in flat land though. There was a reason they made water towers, and it wasn't so they could topple over during tornado movies. :oP

    I love your project pages, I've always wanted to build a very nice solar cooker. Nice job!


  5. Thanks for joining Faith. I never had to draw water from a well like my dad did but just doing what we are doing gives me a new appreciation of the thought. The system I am building will be ran from a 12 volt pump. So even if the power is out, I can still pump water with battery power and not have to haul buckets. Thanks for the complements and the comment. Glad to have ya.