Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Young Anymore

I tell you what, I am not in my twenty's anymore that is for sure. I just came off of a 26 hour shift and man am I dead tired. Back in my younger days I pulled several 36 hour shifts and still had the energy to go on and do what ever I wanted to. So I thought maybe I still had that energy of my youth and when I got home this morning I had all intentions of making a huge dint in the "Tween Pen", boy was I wrong.
I caught myself just staring at the wood for long periods of time. I don't know what I was thinking about or even planning to do with it, just staring at it.
After trying to shake the cobwebs from my head a few times I took the hint while I still had all my digits and went in the house to get some much need sleep. Before the evening ended though, I did get the floor finished and sealed and built the back wall and got it painted.
So the day was not a total loss after all.

Speaking of getting older I just want to say one thing. Not very often anymore does something happen where I sit back and say "Well I'll be darn". I won't go into detail what happen but I will say this. God listens to your prayers and if you wait on him, he will pour out his blessings. It does not matter how big or how small the blessing is, it's priceless when he moves. He is good.

I want to say howdy to Jonathan Bennett, the newest member of the Modern Day Redneck family. Welcome to the family Jonathan. Give me a shout if you need anything.


  1. Wow Redneck what kind of work do you do( if you don't mind me asking) that you work that long of a shift?

    I know somewhat of what you speak of with cobwebs and tired, mine is somewhat due to age and some to changes for my female gender(hormones*sigh*) I am taking suppliments and they have helped 100+% but I still don't get as much accomplished as I used to*sigh*

    PTL for His blessings on you. I remember praying when we were going through our medical disaster with our Dd and I was praying because we literally had alittle over a dollar to our name and it was a week until payday. We needed milk and a few other basics. Later that afternoon our doorbell rang and I answered it to see a friends smiling face. She told me to come outside she had something for me. When I out to the trunk of her car I saw several gallons of milk and other groceries. She explained how the milk had been marked down because it was due to expire in a couple of days, so when picking up three gallons for her family, we came to mind, so she grabbed three for us as well. She also got the produce manager to give her a whole( HUGE box) of bananas for only $2, so she shared several bunches of them as well. I explained that I couldn't pay her back for a week. She said never you mind you share plenty of veggies and eggs with us. I'll never forget that moment, never..... GOD is so Good! Sorry didn't mean to ramble so.

  2. When I had some surgery the doc put me on has a way of making you just sit and stare with no thoughts at all in your head. Surprised I didnt start drooling as well...wont be taking those again anytime soon. Now I just have the hot flashes...arent they fun Kelle? I have my own tropical

  3. Denise,
    Tropical paradise with sub zero chills, yep that pretty well describes it! LOL!!!
    Sorry Redneck, don't mean to steal your post*wink*

  4. Amen to that God is good and He answers your prayers in His time not ours keep up the prayers, believing in Him and His grace and the blessings will come

  5. Thank yall for the rambling and the comments. I love Lortab a lot, and that is why I do not take it.
    Kelle, I work for a Engineering firm that designs highways and then makes sure they are built right. Last night we had a large road opening and I had to make sure everything went according to the plan.

    Ditto to your comment Anonymous :)