Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another Haul

We got a call from from a friend last night about her sister wanting to get rid of some chickens. Of course we said heck yeah. The people getting rid of the chickens are moving back into the city and are letting everything that has to do with farming or raising animals go, cheap. So we jumped on the band wagon and went to pick up the chickens.
I tell you this, these people are some of nicest people we have ever met.
We started out with just the chickens but ended up with a truck load of stuff, all for free. The stuff they are wanting to sell we can't afford but I do not mind picking up the left overs. Tomorrow we are going back with the trailer. They are giving us 15 to 20 cattle and horse panels so we can section off the middle part of out little place here and let the goats out on the good grass. What a blessing these people have been.

After we unloaded the truck the wife and kids went right to work helping with the "tween" pen. We got it in the dry and it is now ready for shingles and paint tomorrow. Through the loving memory of Tony Cassise, we are now able to move forward and finish this project. Thank you very much.


  1. Fantastic, Redneck! Tony would be smiling!

  2. Wow what a blessing to recieve the useful items you need, some really nice things for your chicks. Been following along on your blog and you have sure come a long way on the place, looking good :)

  3. WWRWH, I can't thank you enough and even though I did not know Tony personally, I wished I could have.
    Anonymous, Thanks for following along and thanks for the comment. Stick around cause we are just getting warmed up.