Friday, September 3, 2010

Three Day Weekend

With the nice cool weather and a three day weekend, there is no telling what can get done around the mini farm.

After work today I finished the mirrored wings for the solar cooker and plan to install them in the morning so I can run test #2 and see if that is all it will take to get it to 300 degrees. Earlier this week I redid the back door and put on some heat resistant insulation. If this does not do it, then I guess I am stuck with whatever temperature it runs.

I also plan to finish the trampoline frame horse shelter. I still need to tack weld the joints and figure out how the tarp can be attached so the wind will not blow it around. Keep in mind this is only temporary till one day I can finish the fencing and build a nice little mini horse barn.

Other than that it will be a weekend of cleaning and organizing. The wife ordered more chicks yesterday and they will be here on the 15th of this month. I have a new brooder system I plan to set up Sunday to see if it will work. It should be snake proof this time.

It feels good to have the AC off and the windows open. I bet I sleep like a baby tonight.


  1. that is a lot more than some places I have seen for their horses which is nothing feel like turning them in to the spca for neglect of their animals but that will work very well for them as long as they can getr in out of the weather looks good

  2. Thanks for the comment Anonymous. The horses have shelter now, it's just they are using my mini chicken barn. I want to use it for what it was intended for, mini chickens not mini horses. This shelter will work till I can fence off the middle part and then build a respectable little barn for them.

  3. Looks great, I thought it was a half hoophouse, kinda makes you think, Huh?

    It's unbelievably busy here, everything in the garden is coming ripe at once. I'm NOT complaining though, rather making the most of it all and sharing some too*wink*.

    Our plan is to cut firewood this weekend, we were blessed with more free cotton wood as well as nice pine logs. This wood will be more than enough to get us through winter.

    We dug half of our potatoes( the Russets) and they netted us approx. 300lbs. They are beautiful, although we did have three hill at the lower end of that garden plot rot( to wet) We're hoping to get the rest, our Caribe( a purple skinned, white flesh spud) dug tomorrow before it begins raining. Our forecast is calling for 3-4 days with 60% chance of rain. I've dug 1/2 dozen hills of the Caribe and they are HUGE and loads in each hill, so praying they net us 300lbs+

    Blessings for your long weekend, we're going to enjoy ours( Mike actually has 4 days off, YEAH!)

  4. Kelle,
    What a great harvest. I can't even get my seeds to sprout. How are you going to put that many pounds of taters up and what are going to do with them?
    Our wood cutting party is in October. The family gets together down at the old farm and we spend the day filling everyones truck and trailer. If it wasn't for the work it would be a lot of fun. LOL

  5. Redneck,
    We have a rootcellar and store them in a potatoe bin, Mike made from a wooden shipping box that was being thrown away at a business down the road from where he manages the farm coop. He just added a hinged lid and used a door knob saw to put holes every so often, so the air can flow through. I have pictures posted on Pioneer Living( if you want a peek)
    We'll use a great many of those and we also share and gift them to people throughout the year. Plus we save seed for the following year as well. This year we ended up with approx. 50lbs of unused spuds, that were sprouting and soft, to friends to feed to their pigs.
    LOL, MIke always refers to it as Family Fun Day! It didn't take the kids but once to know what that ment. Really it isn't to bad a couple weekends of cutting,rolling onto the trailer and a few week nights of splitting and stacking and we have enough wood for winter. We use approx. 6-7 cord, our cookstove isn't air tight, but it sure keeps us warm :o)