Monday, September 27, 2010

Got It Started

A couple of days ago after the rain, I noticed the little mini horses were limping a little. We cleaned their feet and found they were getting soft and were very sensitive. We came to the conclusion it's the dirt.
This dirt out here does not drain at all and will stay muddy for days after a good rain. Without building a huge concrete pad for them to get on, the horses have no escape from it. The youngest kid has been cleaning their hoofs two times a day to keep the mud from packing in so bad and letting them dry out some. If this keeps up they will get hoof rot. The bad thing is, it is not even rainy season yet.
Yesterday the wife made a decision, we need to get ride of them and so she put them on Craig's list. For the mini horses sake, they needed to go to a place where they have more cover, more room to run and a place that can keep them out of the mud. It's the right thing to do. This place out here is no place for horses.
She cried when they left today and I was sad for her. She really did love them.

So we took the money and bought some lumber to build the "Tween" house. I got a good start on the floor tonight and plan to finish as much as I can throughout the week after work.
It is a 16X6 little building that will be split into two rooms for the chicks to grow before they are put out with the bigger ones.

If you are wondering about the court date I had today well, I took the day off work and went all the up there just for the JP and his office staff to be out for the day at a training class. The temp lady in the front said they would grant me an extension to come back another day. Amazing right?
Man I was mad, so I went to the County and showed them I have met their requirements and will not be coming back again at their convenience and they dismissed my case and sent me along my way.


  1. I understand you saying the place has no room for mini-horses. For future reference an easy cure for soft feet, get some pine tar and paint it on their hooves( outerwalls as well as the soles) The pine tar dries them out as well as protects against hoof rot.

    Glad your case was dismissed, what a bunch of nincompoos, ridiculous.
    The tween house sounds great.


  2. Thanks for info Kelle. I am afraid that would have just prolonged getting rid of them and made it harder in the long run. This place out here is no place to have horses and maybe one day later in life we will have the chance again. They are in a much better place now.