Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wet And Muddy

I do not feel so bad about wasting a day and sitting though class on Saturday because is was a rain day anyway. And even though it was a class on how to handle and treat your own poo, it was very informative.
I spent most of the morning today wiring in a new control box for my aerobic septic system. I have to have all the bells and whistles in place so when I go to court tomorrow I can say everything is compliant. There are about 30 homes out here where I live and all have the same system. I am the only one being made to jump though hoops to be compliant.
The new chicks had to have a bigger tub so we stuck the big watering tank in the bath tub instead of the smaller one. This will give them plenty of room to grow before they head outside.

All the other chicks are doing great. I think we only lost one so far.
The mother hen hatched out three of the six eggs she was sitting on. One decided to commit suicide and jump from the nest and the bigger chickens got to it before we did.
Even with that one, I feel good about the survival percentage this time compared to last time.


  1. Baby chicks are always risky ...if you've only lost one so far, you're doing great!

    I hope the court hearing goes in your favor tomorrow. Wonder why you are the only one being made to comply? Or if you're just the FIRST. In any case, I will be hoping for a good outcome for you.

  2. You got it right, I am the first. The Sanitarium told me today he is going to investigate all the houses out in this area. That's a good thing! Mybe the water quality will improve some then.