Sunday, September 12, 2010

This And That

I asked my mother how she made the Mesquite bean jelly and she referred me to this link. She said it was the closest to how she has always done it.
One point I want to make, You have to cook the beans outside. If you cook them in the house the smell is so bad you will not be able to sleep there that night. It will get into your clothes and it does not want to come out. It is hard to believe something so good comes from something that stinks so bad.

Other than that, the family spent the evening out Geocaching and having fun. You know what they say, all work and no play.......

The wife is looking forward in the new arrivals this week. The brooder is set up and ready for the baby chicks. She is already picking out the types of chickens for the next order. This next one will be the big one though. If we can get them in by the end of next month then they should be laying by end of March or mid April. These will be the laying hens we sell and hopefully make a little profit on.

Did I mention the Cowboys are playing the Redskins tonight?

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  1. So.. I hesitate to ask this which are you a fan of; Cowboys or the Redskins? *wink* Our house is definately Cowboy fans, have been for decades, through thick and thin!

    I've NEVER heard of Mesquite Bean Jelly, looks interesting and thanks for the heads up about cooking it outdoors*wink*
    We were just blessed with a box of peaches( via our neigbor) and found another interesting recipe for Peach Rosemary Jam over on another of our favorite blogs; Farmgirl Cyn :o)

    Man we're so far behind with our chickens, they should have been butchered a month ago! We'll they'll be very meaty*wink*, and the roos have such LONG legs, Ummmmm, Ummmm
    Blessings for your week, probably won't hear from us for several days, our plate runneth over LOL!!!,