Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Helpers

I woke this morning to a very nice 58 degrees. With weather like that, how could I pass up on a great opportunity to get some neglected things done.

To start with I put the mirrored wings on the solar cooker. This thing keeps growing larger and larger by the day. The wife says it has gotten so big it blocks her view. This is it though, the last addition.
The final temperature turned out to be 260 degrees. That is forty less than I was shooting for and the only thing I can think of is the angle of the glass. I put it on a 45 and I have read some people angle the glass and mirrors a little steeper than that so not to deflect the sun rays. They maybe on to something. The only other thing would be to add a fourth mirror on the top. Hmmmmm!

Other than that, just some good ole cleaning and redistributing of junk to different locations was all that took place today.
I had four helpers so all the barn was cleaned and re bedded plus the whole yard had a mini makeover. We did get the new brooder in it's place so tomorrow the wife plans to get it ready for the chick arrival on the 15th.
Also tomorrow I need to replant the salad garden. It has been three weeks now and out of all the different seeds I planted not one thing sprouted. I don't know if replanting will do any good or not but I have to give it a try.


  1. I'm jealous, 58 degrees! I you sure you didn't transpose those numbers?! We had indexes over 105 again this weekend. It really slows down the work when it gets that hot. Good job on the solar cooker, and I see you didn't need any duck tape for the trampoline frame... - Izzy

  2. lol lzzy. No duct tape yet but I ain't done.
    I hope those hot days are over for a while here. The kids and wife think it's the saddest thing when it is to hot to work and I just stand at the back door and look out. They say watching me is like looking at an animal at the zoo. Just staring out into space without anything to do.
    Thanks for the comment.