Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Pains

I did not think this pygmy goat was due for another month or so, I was wrong. We should have some babies by morning or a little after. The wife has been checking on her all day and she is ready. Now it's up her.

The chicks did not arrive this morning like we were planning. They said either Thursday or Friday morning so tomorrow is the day.

We sure needed the rain but I tell you this, if you stand outside and look at the grass, you can see it grow. Sunday is going to be a all mowing day it looks like.

Pictures tomorrow of the baby chicks and maybe the baby goats.


  1. Are you thinking twins? She looks like she's ready to pop, poor thing. Praying for a safe delivery and healthy babe( babes)*wink* They are so cute, don't forget to share pictures*wink*

  2. I hope only twins. I really do not want to bottle feed a third one in the house.