Friday, September 17, 2010

Here Chick Chick Chick

The wife has had the home made brooder warmed up for two days now and finally the baby chicks arrived this morning.
I made this out of a wooden shipping box a buddy of mine gave me and a screen from a window for the top to keep the snakes out. Not bad for a free brooder box.

We ended up getting some Mille Fleur's that we separated and are keeping in a tub in the bathroom because they are so small I did not want the bigger chicks to kill them. We also got some Speckled Sussex that we put in the big box brooder pictured above.
I think our next order will be getting more Speckled Sussex so we can have enough breeding stock to set our own eggs instead of buying chicks at $2.65 a piece. But then again, if you add all the time, feed and other stuff to keep your own breeders you really do not come out any better, but where is the fun in that, right?

About the pygmy goat.........
That is why I did not become vet. I'm telling you. All the signs are there. Why she has not dropped a couple of kids is beyond my understanding. For her sake, I should hope they come in the next few days.


  1. Chicks are fun, Redneck. Fragile but fun. We plan to double our flock next year too. It's a big step, you know ...going from three hens to six. LOL

    Even with just three hens, I have steady egg customers. Expanding the flock is more to accommodate them than us. Once word gets around, you will have plenty of customers too. The chickens are relatively low maintenance and the eggs we sell more than pay for investment in them.

    You nanny will kid when she's ready. Has she had kids before? If so, I wouldn't worry. She'll be fine. Even if this is her first time, goats are right up there with rabbits as far as propagating their species. She'll be fine.

    : )

  2. You will enjoy your chicks as they are such a pleasure to watch as they grow and then start laying. As for your goat it seems that the 5 months it takes them to kid goes forever! Especially the last couple weeks. Do The ligament test. Run a finger down each side of her spine all the way to her tail. It should feel like a pencil (firm) and your fingers won't touch. If she is getting close to kidding your fingers will touch at the beginning of her tail and the firmness will be soft or gone completely.

  3. Awwhhh, I was hoping to see twins, but alas I know all in good time*wink*

    Chicks are precious, until they start creating a dusty mess, then it's time to move rom the house to the brooder coop( about 1 month old), LOL!!!

    Sounds like you've gotten some good advice on your goats delivery time, sure wish I knew more about goats, but I just don't, sorry.

    PS. Can't believe it we has snow flurries yesterday*sigh*, it's WAY to early for that stuff!*wink*