Thursday, April 1, 2010

Chicken Farmer

After countless hours of blood, sweat, tears, scrounging, cussing, fighting and about $2000.00 of hard earned cash, the flock is home, all 15 of them.

The Mini Barn is not done yet but at least it will hold chickens now. During the build, my dad would often ask me "How many eggs do you think you will have to eat to recoup the cost?" He has also on many occasions called it the Taj ma hal of chicken coops.
To answer his question, as of right now I need to eat 120,000 eggs.

I have all the materiel to finish the mini barn except the paint, the trim and some more tin for the mini chicken coop and oh yea some more 2x4's and I guess that's it. No wait, more wire and I can't forget those high dollar screws and then I need the stuff for the rabbit cages then there is the goat fence I need to get done and..................

Did I mention the wife is picking up the rabbits in the morning? But she got a deal on them.

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