Sunday, April 11, 2010

Looking Good

I spent most of the day doing just yard work.
I was able to clean and organize the yard and some of the big barn. I also had the chance to get the mowing done again this week and my dad brought over the tractor and did some much needed leveling and spreading of the sand.
The oldest girl finished up the broomboo chicken shade and the youngest spent most of the time making excuses to why she couldn't help.
I had a buddy of mine from work stop by and visit today and he left with the two barn cats I adopted against my will a couple of weeks ago. Two down, two to go.

Still planning on the run to the farm tomorrow. Leaving at 7:30AM. I hope to get back by 1:00 or so to finish up a few things before another long week at work.

Will post many pics tomorrow because it's 1:00AM and I need to sleep.

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