Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Redneck Style

I was up at 5:00 AM ready to make the run to the farm. The wife on the other hand said not no, but hell no and made me wait till 7:30 to go. So I spent the pre-daylight morning doing the weekly burning that has not been done in three weeks.
While at the old farm I picked up the rest of the 2x4's that my brother had scored for me and made a quick run through the barns looking for anything I might need.
I found a old metal shop fan I had plans for when I raised bobwhite quail long ago. It should make a great wind turbine in the future. I also found a bunch of little odds and ends that can be used somewhere and a small garden dump trailer that can be pulled behind the mower. Every time I go down there I come back with a truck load of junk. I am glad I have a place to put it all now.

Youth - VS - Wisdom

The family then spent most of the remainder of the day over at our good friend's house (D&R) for a little Easter BBQ. As always, they really out did themselves on the food and the hospitality.
Keep in mind, a redneck Easter is a little different than a normal persons gathering. As you can see, there were guns and beer involved. The kids are to young to drink so they had the guns.

Oh calm down, before you call CPS they are only BB guns and I am drinking light beer.

The day off ended with me finally getting a chance to mow my yard for the first time, or should I say harvest my yard. Holy crap I have a lot of holes to fill!

Wisdom Won


  1. Looks like a hell of a time...

  2. It always is when we all get together. Thanks for the comment.