Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally Made It

After a month of trying, we finally made it back to the farm to get the outhouse and some other junk.
The outhouse building is a 5'x5' and about eight feet tall. It could have been a two holer but I decided against it. I cleaned it out and hung all the garden tools on the walls. I left the toilet seat in it just as a reminder of a time once past. Putting all the garden tools in it sure made room in the little metal shed for more junk.
The thing sitting next to the outhouse is a redneck china hutch. The wife was saying one day years ago she wanted a china hutch just like those rich folks have in their houses. So I went out to the wood pile and found some old fence pickets and made her one. She saw it sitting out behind our old house today and made me load it up and bring it here so she could put all her garden pots on. Well, at least it's getting used now, that thing took me two days to build.

The other items of junk that filled the truck and trailer were some school lockers (for the wife's fan tailed pigeons), a old water heater (for my solar shower), some 10' tin (for the rabbit pen), a 55 gallon fish tank (for the crickets), and some lumber (for whatever).
My dad also found one of his old hammer mills way back in the woods he forgotten about so we loaded it up too. I see pain and despair in the near future with grinding and mixing our own feed again. Good times!

Before we could even get to anything, my buddy that is renting my old house had to get some of his junk out of the way and what better way to do it than redneck style.

The kids even got into the action by tearing down an old goat barn I built years ago so we could get the tin off of it to use for the rabbit pen.

Another activity today was getting the peppers and tomatoes planted. I don't think we have to worry about another freeze for a few months.

Yesterday's Pictures:

The broomboo shade. These 9 week old rabbits are now as large as regular rabbits.

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