Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Plans

I am trying to figure out how I am going to get three days of work stuffed into just one day.
I have to do the job thing tomorrow for a while but should be able to get off around 4 of 5.
The plan is to get the trench dug and the pipe plumbed in for the septic sprinklers to be move away from the house tomorrow evening. Then if there is enough daylight left, then work on the rabbit pin.
Sunday will be full of finishing that stupid rabbit pin and a few other much needed things.

The wife has really took up some slack this week for me and got the new tire for the camper, picked up the free rabbit hutch and the 12 new Cornish rocks from the neighbor. That's three less things that had to be done.
The kids also seen I was stretched for time this weekend and decided to mow the yard. That gained me about three extra hours. That's what I call family team work.

I have some more news but I want to wait till I take some pics of it before I tell you about it, so check back tomorrow for the story.

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