Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mid Week

OK, funny story.
I have some neighbors right to the South of me. They moved in, I guess about three months ago. Last month while my Chicken Taj mahal was being built, they decided they also wanted to built a chicken coop. So in one weekend they had a nice little coop and bought a few chickens to house in it.
Over the past weeks I have noticed their chicken count getting fewer and fewer every day. I thought maybe they couldn't wait till they were big and already starting to eat them. But what has been happening is, some cats have been getting into the coop and killing the chickens at night.
I figured it out when I found a bunch of feathers down in my barn. So I put two and two together and that is why I got rid of the two barn cats I had last weekend. No blood on my hands, right?
Just so happens, the neighbors are fed up with all the death and loss of most of their chickens and just gave up and gave me what they had left, 5 chickens, 2 waters, 2 feeders and 50 lbs of feed.
In a round about way I kinda feel like it's my fault, but then I think what the hell, it took me almost three months to build protection for my chickens. Them City folks should have took a little more time and made their coop varmint proof. Am I right?


  1. Looks to me like you solved your neighbor’s problem as well as any you might have had with them special chickens you got. You can always offer up a few eggs to make up for any unknown damages. You did not catch your barn cats with a bone in hand so a coyote cold have settled down by your barn and enjoyed the birds. You did good. I saw a coyote crossing Headquarters behind the strip malls there at Preston. They are use to people. You never know what could have happened. Do you think you’ll need a cat to keep the rat and mice population under control?
    I’ve got new projects shortly down the road. Took off today to sign paper on a Home.
    Be careful.

  2. Congrats on the home. I hope it is everything you are looking for.
    Yes I do need a cat in the barn but until I get everything secured, I don't want them around.
    With the resent departure of the buck rabbit, I am certain is was not the cats in my barn that killed those chickens.
    Now, it trapping time.
    Thanks for the comment.