Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ready For Paint

Here she is in all her glory. All it needs now is a coat of barn red with white trim. Up in the front eve I was planning to trim out a fake window but the wife had a grate idea. She wants to put our brand up there for all to see.

One change to the design. The left side of the barn was going to house the rabbits but with the mini chicken idea we had to alter it just a little. I cut a door in the back wall and will be adding one more room. This will be the rabbit area while the more fragile mini chickens get to stay inside. The room is 12' x 6' with two solid sides a roof and a wire front that faces East . The rabbit hutches will be mounted on the West and South walls. Each pen will be about 3' x 3'. Remember, these rabbits get big.

My dad and nephew came by to check in on the progress and lend a hand spreading sand and setting posts. It sure makes things go a lot easier when you have an extra pair of hands.

We are experimenting building shade areas with the bamboo. I was told recently this was really not bamboo but was broom stalk. Anyway, this broomboo is some really neat stuff to work with. I hope it gives us the look we are wanting and the shade the chickens are needing. If not, then no money wasted. The wife summoned help from my dad and his tractor and dug up a bunch of the broomboo roots. She planted them in the other corner of the chicken pen to see if it will grown and make a more natural shade and a hawk defense area for the chickens as well.

I did get some gardening and weed eating done late in the evening but decided to call it a day when our good friends came by for supper and our normal Saturday night card night. Tomorrow I am still planning on making a run down to the farm to get the last of the 2x4's, but with the recent rain on Friday, it is unlikely I will get the out house. Maybe next weekend.

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