Friday, April 2, 2010

Work Weekend

I was able to get about 1 1/2 hours of work done on the mini barn before dark today. I put up the eve on the front side so to makes it look better from the road and it gives me a sense of accomplishment and the appearance of a close to finished product when I look at it.
Tomorrow the plan is to finish the eve in the back, set the posts for the mini chicken coop, make a shade for the big chickens and mow.
Sunday I plan to make that trip to the farm like I have been planning on doing for the past three weeks to get the outhouse and the rest of the 2x4's.

With me standing next to the barn, it really does look mini.

The wife picked up the rabbits today and she set up a temporary cage for them, my quail pens. They are 8 week old Flemish Giants and she got three does and a buck. The rabbits will be used mainly for their poop. If she wants to breed them and try and sell the babies to recoup some of the cost, then I say go for it.
The cage system will consist of three doe pens, a buck pen, two birthing pens and a poop reclamation system.
Reading about the Flimish Giants, they can get upwards to 20lbs. Now that's a lot of poo.
I guess to hold true to the mini theme we should have gotten mini rabbits. The way I figured it, with mini rabbits comes mini poo and that's not going to work in the grand scheme of things . I need a lot of rabbit poo.


  1. Living with a Domesticated Rabbit, and several hundred wild ones around, what good is there poo?

  2. I am experimenting with different ratios and types of animal poop to achieve the ultimate fertilizer. Rabbit manure used as a soil amendment is even higher in nitrogen than some poultry manures and it also contains a large amount of phosphorus--important for flower and fruit formation. N-P-K 2.4 - 1.4 - .60