Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To Much To Do

This weekend is already filled up without a minute to spare.
Even tho it is going to rain Friday and Saturday, I still have to make plans as if it wont.
Like I mentioned before, my brother gave me a play house he built for his kids. It is a 8x8 building with a wrap around front porch with a old timey store front. It will fit in good here. The plans are to use it for all the power and hand tools used on a daily basis. It will also house the soon to be cricket farm. The little metal shed I put together a few months ago has already been moved to its new location and will house all the yard stuff like the weed eaters and mowers. The plan is to take the building apart in sections, load it on the trailer and reassemble it here. We will see if it's that easy.

Other plans include drilling and setting the posts for the new chicken yard on Saturday, then on Sunday finishing the fence by placing the wire and the rails.

If it rains, then plan B. Take a road trip to scout out a good camp site for the August camping trip.