Friday, April 16, 2010

Long Week

My real job just about took me out this week, 75 hours is way to many. At least I have the weekend off.

The wife did not take kindly to her rabbit being killed the other night so she set a trap the next night and sure enough caught the cat that killed her rabbit. Good for her!

We are planning a camping trip at the end of June and if I do not get started now with all the prep work, I will be scrambling on the last day. So I had to buy a receiver hitch for my truck this week so I could pull the camper. The Titan 4x4 sits so high that the trailer drags the ground when hooked up. I plan to install it tomorrow but first, I have to run into town for some supplies.

This weekend plans, if the rain holds off are.
  • Finish the rabbit pen behind the mini barn.
  • Build the last door on the mini barn to keep out varmints. I know it's a little late now.
  • Install receiver hitch on truck.
  • Move septic sprinklers far away from the house.
Didn't get home till late so no pics till tomorrow.


  1. Well Mr. Redneck,
    Looks like them cat's were not guilty. You still did good. With all the critters your gathering up you might need to grow a cat up from a kitten so they won't hurt you growing number of farm critters.

    You must have some regulars on buying those eggs. I bet they are good too. MMMMM, fresh eggs. I am from east Texas and I do remember Grannies fresh eggs.

    I bet there is a pretty decent market for rabbits too.

    We got the house and the work has begun. Oh, looks like I got some trapping to do myself. I seem to be having a squirrel problem. I have 2 holes in the eve and tunnels all up in my attic. Got to get them rascals gone pretty quick. They will tear up a lot.

    Have a great day.

  2. Thanks for the comment, but it looks like I still have a cat problem. For the past two nights a cat has gotten a chicken. They are not getting into the coop area but are getting them right at dusk before we shut the door. I am heading out to McKinney flee market to see if I can find replacements.