Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cutting Loses

This week has been about loses. We lost the buck rabbit due to cage malfunction (he jumped and a cat caught him), we lost two laying hens due to varmints out smarting us and we lost a weekend of work due to the rain.

The coon or cat, what ever it is, comes right at dusk before we close the door to the coop and grabs a chicken and feasts on it right in the pin. Tonight I am using a bait chicken in a wire cage and setting up with a small cal rifle right inside the door of the house. What could go wrong? On top of that I have reset the trap next to the coop door baited with tuna in hope of a catch just in case I fall asleep.

With the loss of the egg producing hens, the wife and I scrambled all day to replace them. We started at the Third Weekend Trades Day (Flee Market) and even with the rain found one vendor selling chickens. He wanted $20.00 a piece for them hens and I told the guy, "I'll let them city folks buy em at that price cause I ain't".
Then we took the drive to Durant, OK. There we found what we were looking for. 5 Rhode Island Reds and 2 Barred Rocks already laying and at a good price. Also the wife committed to buying a Mini Donkey and I had to be the bad guy and say no.

It rained all day so all I was able to do was splash around in the water a little. The good thing is I was able to get caught up on some paper work in the house.

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