Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nothing Much

It is still a muddy mess outside and the bad part is, for the past two days I have been getting home at 6:00. With two hours of daylight left and not able to do anything is making me antsy.

I tried trapping again last night but came up empty handed. We even added a large animal trap for extra measure. The good news is, with putting the chickens up at 7:30 or so we have not had any more losses.

A neighbor came by last night and offered to give me a large rabbit hutch and 12 Cornish Rock chickens for my ever growing collection of yard birds. I really do not need them or do I have the room for them but the price of free is right up my alley. I plan to pick them and the rabbit hutch up this weekend if it is dry enough.

I was trying for a farm of all heritage animals but it seems that plan is fading fast. You can find the list of animals on the ALBC (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Conservation) web site at http://albc-usa.org/
Look at the priority list of each animal and see if you find a breed in the critical list you like and help them out.

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