Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Review

It almost feels like I am just a weekend warrior. Well, in a way I guess I am. I suppose if anyone trying to do what I am doing either has to be independently wealthy and do what they want all the time or they have to work for a living and do their passion on the weekends.
While at work I often find myself thinking that this job is keeping me from being at home doing what I really love. But then I think if I was at home I wouldn't have the money to do anything anyway. Eventually, one day, I will decide I have had enough and just stay home.

Even with a one day weekend we all pitched in and made some headway and got a lot of things done.
I laid out for the next phase of the fencing that was going to be the mini goat yard but has now changed into the egg producing chicken yard for the time being. I am starting to get over crowded in the other pen and need to expand. With this change of plans, it will also include more doors on the open goat barn area to house the chickens at night. I have come to the idea that I built the mini barn to mini. My dad told me it didn't matter if that barn was a 50x50, I would have it full with crap in no time.
The kids all pitched in and got the fence stained and weather treated. Now it matches the outhouse and the dog pen.

Dad brought over the skid loader with the backhoe attachment and dug the sprinkler line for me. We got the heads moved further out so now I can cross that off the list and stop complaining about it. The oldest girl had her boyfriend over to help them yesterday and being from the city, he has never done anything but sit in the house. He told my daughter that he had so much fun being outside and working over here, because his family never does anything. I still don't like him but he is growing on me.
I was talking with a neighbor the other day because he was looking for his known chicken killing cat that suddenly went missing ( I wonder where it went). He was being a smart ass and saying how nice it must be to have all this equipment to use. Well, it is nice and it is a blessing. If it was not for my dads help and the equipment he brings over then doing all this would not near as much fun.

With the wife's help I also was able to finish framing in the rabbit room. The girls jumped in before church and helped with putting on the tin. I placed the rabbits is a temporary hutch I got from a neighbor last week so I could get them out of quail pins and out of the mini chicken room so I can start work on it. All I need now is the fence planks for the two sides and then we can paint the barn. This 6'x12' rabbit room was built mainly out of scavenged material. It is behind the mini barn so it did not have to be as pretty. Total cost so far, $25.00

On one of our trips down to the farm we were able to talk my brother into giving us a nice set of lockers he had stored out in the barn. After moving the rabbits out to their temp housing unit the wife and I took the lockers and turned them sideways, mounting them on the wall. This will be the cages for the mini chickens. Instant mini coop. The mini chickens will spend the day out of the lockers on the ground and kicking it with the rabbits, then be placed in the lockers at night for protection. Total cost $0.00

Oh, one other thing. Just when you think honesty is a thing of the past and you have lost all faith in humanity, A neighbor a few houses down stopped and talked to me one day last week. He told me when the last people who lived here moved out, a guy stole the gate from the front fence. He said it did not seem right and bought the gate from him to give back to the next people who buys this place. So that's what he did. He wouldn't let me give him any money for it and he did not want any favors in return.
I could look at it as his conscious got the better of him and he thought he shouldn't have stole it in the first place, but then I like his story better.

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  1. I've enjoyed reading some of your old posts this morning. I had searched rabbit on your blog to see your rabbit set up and now I'm going to have to come back and search worms and crickets LOL!!!!