Sunday, October 9, 2011

What A Ride

First off I want to howdy and welcome to Jim Bob, the newest member to the Modern Day Redneck family. Thank you for hitting the little follow button and please feel free to leave comments. I try real hard to reply to each and every one.
Thanks again for being a part of MDR.

I know we all needed the rain and believe me I am not complaining about the it, but why did it have to rain the whole way to and from Waco today. From 5:30 AM this morning to 2:30 PM it poured.

I picked up my dad and the trailer this morning to take the drive and pick up the oldest girls broke down car. I was lucky enough my nephew went and picked it up at College Station last night and pulled it to his house in Waco. That took about two hours off my round trip.
On top of it pouring down rain, it was Texas and OU weekend and all the foreigners from the the bordering state were driving home.
Apparently they have not had rain up there in a while either because the highways were littered with Oklahoma cars either spun out or tangled up in wrecks with the words "Texas sucks" or "Tuck Fexas"  wrote on the back windshield in shoe polish as they stood outside of their wreaked cars in the rain. (That made makes me smile a little)  

Next time I would rather someone take me out back and beat me with a 2X4 than have to do that again, but we did get a good amount of rain and I got the car home.

Oh, if you were wondering, as soon as I got home it stopped raining.    


  1. Glad you and your dad and the car all made it home with no 'sidetrips' onto the muddy shoulder. We sure do need the rain. We got about 2 inches so far with more predicted tonight. I hope it keeps coming.

  2. glad you are all getting some rain - kymer and i have been monitoring the situation down there for months - not pretty.

    those cars would have made me smile a LOT ;-)

    btw, what's wrong with the car?

    cheers buddy!!

  3. what a great dad! yer awesome buddy!

  4. Sorry for the late reply. I don't know what happen.

    HB - I sure ain't complaining about the rain. I am glad y'all got some.

    Jam - The head gasket, intake gasket, water pump and idler pulley. The garage she took it to said $900 bucks to fix it and I said no so I went and got it to fix it myself.

    kymber - Thanks, you are not to bad yourself.