Monday, October 3, 2011

Back To Living

It was good to have a couple of days where there was no worry in the world except for being with family and just living. It was a good weekend, one that does not come often enough.
The oldest is back at college today and it was just as hard to say bye this time as it was before. I can only hope to get a little callused so it does not hurt as bad. Her next visit will be either at Thanksgiving or Christmas Break.

The food storage got some good use Sunday. It was the oldest girls bedroom and now it is lined with shelves running down the walls and through the center creating isles. The store room has a pharmacy and toiletries down the North wall, bulk storage, pasta and lay down freezer across the back, canned goods and box foods up the South wall, drinks, breakfast and lunches line the West wall. Through the center is all the home canned foods, soups and stews, cooking ingredients, baking goods, deserts and much more.
Sunday before the oldest left, I told her to she could go shopping if she needed it. It was really cool to see her grab a little basket and walk up and down the isles. She laughed and said it was just like at the grocery store. That made me smile.
I am so glad I had it there for her to take.


  1. MDR how about some photos showing us your storage? It would give others some ideas.
    Its hard when the kids go back to school has you feel helpless should things go south.

  2. Bless you. I hate for my grandchild to be out of my sight...dadgumparents taking here home. Good for you on the storage preps.

  3. Good job on the storage preps. My loft is starting to fill out and I need to reorganize.

    Darn you for adding to the weekend work.


  4. Next time Oldest is home for a visit, you should have nice cardboard signs above the aisles, like they do in grocery stores ...and maybe some elevator music soft in the background. Don't tell her about the upgrades, let her be surprised. She would crack up. Come to think of it, she reads your blog so I guess it wouldn't be much of a surprise. Still, I bet it makes her laugh just to think of it.

    : )

  5. Thank y'all for the comments.

    RB - I plan on showing it off, but I need to fill some holes first.

    Stephen - Thanks, I know you understand what I am talking about.

    Mudbug - Anytime buddy. Don't get me wrong, I still have a long way to go and when completed or when close to being completed I plan to showcase it off.

    HB - I told the wife about the signs and music and she loved it.
    We have not talked in a while, I hope you are doing ok.

  6. you are such an awesome father!
    and i'm with Rob - i would love to see pics, my friend!

  7. Thanks Kymber and I will post pics when I get a few more little things done.