Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekend Look Ahead

This week I was not able to get as much done as I had hoped for. I was wanting to at least get the roof finished on the Solar Bathhouse and also get the oldest girls car running and start trying to sell it.
I have had some really late evenings at work this week so all I was able to accomplish was getting the rafters on and getting the car almost back together.
If by chance I can get out of here at a decent hour today, the car will be running tonight and listed for sale by Sunday.

Tomorrow I plan to dedicate most of the day to the Bathhouse, or until I run out of material.
As far as Sunday goes, I don't have a clue yet, but I bet it will consist of work of some sorts and then watching the Cowboys loose to a team that has not won a game yet this season.

Oh, How bout them Rangers!     


  1. Cowboys wouldn't be playing the Rams by chance Lmbo! I love the Rams but they just can't get it together. Rangers lucked out last night. You know what's funny? this world series is hardly getting any recognition mainly,like people have been saying because it is two midwest teams and no east or west coasts. I tell you what both teams deserve where they are and man some of the plays they are making is awesome. Good luck on the car and outdoor bathroom!

  2. Good news, I hear you are expecting rain.

  3. MDR:

    don't burn yerself out buddy!!

    get the car sold, and bathhouse finished when you can, you are a trooper!

    high five!

  4. coley - I know what you mean on the World Series. I has my attention.

    G - We got it. Messed up my Sunday, but we got it.

    Jam - Thanks buddy but if I let a project linger to long, that is what burns me out.