Monday, October 24, 2011

Around the Garndens

Several plants of winter squash that have already started producing. Another week and we will be eating good.
 Three foot tall corn. I don't expect them to make but it sure makes good feed for the animals and if they do then that is a bonus.
Who said you can't grow peppers in the Fall? I guess with the warm days still in the upper 80's the peppers are going hog wild.

I still don't have any beans yet but the plants are getting ready and the salad bed, wow. There is so much we have started to clip and feed some to the chickens.

The wife had a heck of a find this weekend. Check back later and I show you what she found while garage selling.


  1. MDR, your garden looks great, especially since it was dry as the devil there this summer.
    My second season garden did not like the intense sun, although the tomatoes and green peppers will do fine. Beets, carrots and onions are strugling.

  2. Mike - This is the best season so far on our gardens. We have been here four growing seasons now and the first three don't count. Those were the building seasons.
    For the next summer season I plan to build shade for all that stuff so we will see how that goes.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. My peppers are producing like crazy, the plants are just as full as they could be. I'll be potting them up and hauling them into the greenhouse soon.

  4. Robin - Thanks for the comment.
    It's good to hear yours is doing great. I thought I was the special one but it looks like everyone's peppers are doing great. I know this is a funny year. Last year my peppers were way done by now.