Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Production

I felt I made some good production on the two projects I had going at the same time this weekend.

First off Friday night I did get the oldest girl's car put back together with the help of three other friends and everything looks and sounds good. Now I just have to clean it up and out then try and sell it.
 On my way home Friday I stopped off at the big box store to get a price on shingles. You are not going to believe this, but a bundle of shingles was $25.00 and that was for the cheap ones.
Frustrated and trying to figure out what I was going to do because I could never afford or see myself buying shingles at that price I walked to the back to check the price on tin.
Guess what, there was a pallet of culled items stuffed in the back under a shelf and guess what was on it, yup shingles. With one eye on my prize I found a manager and took him back to the pile of cull items. He pulled everything out and this is what was there, 3 1/2 sheets of OSB decking, 1X6X8 Facer boards, a roll of tar paper, 10 bundles of shingles, a bunch of 1X2's and 1X4's, 10-6" fence pickets and some more 2X4's.  
He priced it all out to be almost $400.00 dollars. By this time I was sweating it and I asked him how much for the whole thing and to make it cheap or he would have to take and put it all back. He said "Give me $30.00 and it's yours". I himhauled around for a second trying not to look too eager and said, "Well, I guess so".

The youngest girl was happy to get up and do the roofing for me while I started on the siding. I am using 6" fence pickets lapped 1". I like the look so I will go with it. These were in the cull pack as well.  

I used a couple of the warped up culled 2X4's to frame in the where the toilet is going.
The 1X6 culled facer board looks great. I also used old scavenged 4" fence pickets for the soffit. You can barely make it out in the picture. If you don't know what the soffit is, it is the underside of the overhang.

A huge storm blew through Saturday night making Sunday a wasted day. It was so muddy that no work was able to get done. The mist and light showers did not blow out until mid afternoon leaving me pretty much looking out the window all day thinking of what I could have got done.

The winds lastnight were horrible and when the youngest girl got up she asked "Well, how did my roofing job hold up?"
"Like a champ" I answered back.    


  1. Great find, seems bargains can be found if you take the time to look.

  2. You keep this up you'll only have $50 in it total...cause I dont see a door or window yet. You get the award for Best Scrounger I know and my dad could really give you a run for the money believe me ;)

  3. RB - That what it takes. You just have to always look.

    Denise - No windows and I will make the door myself. I think the total to date is $44.00 dollars.
    That is a great award to have, but I am still a novice compared to some.

  4. Great deal. I wonder if our local big box joints has a cull pile. Project looks good.

  5. Wow that looks great! You have skills, lol. My hubby and me have a hard time figuring out how or when to talk people down. My friend on the other hand can talk anyone about anything down.

    P.S. The ball game last night was awesome. The football game today? Eh not so much.

  6. Stephen - I think they all do. It is worth checking out. Most safe it all during the week and put it out on Friday.

    Coley - It is just a feeling and timing is everything. To soon and they reject it and to late they are already thinking of something else. I might be over thinking it but I watch body language and listen to what they are saying before I even decide to talk about it. The wife gets mad but I even sometimes flirt with the older women.

    Did you see the game last night? One word, Fantastic! Oh, what did your team score, was it "0".

    Mudbug - Thanks buddy.

  7. Not only did that rain blow through. It blew all the way to us. I am so grateful because we haven't had any yet.

    The bathroom is looking good. No windows? I love having windows in the bathroom. Are you running electric to it for lighting?

  8. G - Yes the rain was good and I am glad it got to y'all.
    No, no windows. If there were windows then they would have to be covered when in use anyway. I thought about it, but I really want the wall space for old bathroom signs. I don't know, I still might. The only reason I would is so I can put a little planter box in front of it on the outside.
    As for light, It will have four wall mounted oil lamps, but no electricity.

  9. MDR- yes I saw it and you know what, i loved the game but what irritated me more than anything was when the rangers pulled their pitcher(Holland I think) out when he only had like 2 outs left and would of had a perfect game. You could tell he was mad about that.I know a lot of "cards" fans felt bad for that guy. Don't know what the coach was thinking.

  10. You really should put at least one window in, then you would have light and ventilation. You could put it high enough for privacy or use frosted glass. I found sticky paper that looks like stained/leaded glass, looks really good on the window and you can't see through it. Are you planning on lighting your oil lamps everytime you dash in just to relieve yourself?
    Everything looks great, I also follow you on facebook, looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  11. What a bargain you got! My honeyman is always dealing on the mark downs at the organge box and the blue and red box store LOL...Has saved us a lot on stuff :O)... I am always willing to ask myself on stuff. heck you never know! Good for you!

  12. Shar - I think y'all have talked me into a window. I have the perfect one down in the barn. Now that it is framed up, I need to figure out how to work it in.
    Remember, this will not be used all the time. The shower yes, I will use it all the time but the composting toilet will only be for an emergency water outage and if you can't make in the house from the garden kinda emergency. So yes the lighting will be by oil only, just like the old days. There will be a box of matches right inside the door so one can quickly light up if need be.

  13. Thanks Texan for the comment. I tried to talk down my grocery bill just last week at the store but the manager would not have none of it. It was fun though.

  14. Check this out.