Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday Post

I want to thank everyone for their understanding while I was down. Yesterday was the first day I felt well enough to get out and do anything. Saying that, I had no choice in the matter.

Yesterday was the big day for the wife. My oldest girl, Blueeyedbaby came up from college for the wife's birthday so if I felt like it or not, I was at least going to fake feeling good for the girls.
I can say this, I have had the best sleep this weekend knowing all my girls were under one roof again.

Ok, on to the birthday post.
I just want to say we have some really great family and friends. The wife turned 40 this weekend and I racked my brain on what to do for her with a very small budget. I posted an "idea" post on here and y'all came up with some really great ideas. I had decided to Redneck it up and go with the movie night on the side of the barn. Within a couple of days that idea had spiraled out of control with me cooking for two days. As much as I love cooking, I decided to cancel because I wanted to spend time with mamma and the girls instead of hosting a huge party.

So this is what happen.
First off, a good friend of ours is a photographer and said she would do a photo shoot with the family for the wife's birthday present. You can check out her blog and her work at Photos By Laura. Please stop by and tell her who sent ya and what a great person she is.

I don't think she knew what she was getting herself into with this one because she had never done it Redneck style.

There are many, many more but these are all I will bore you with for now.
During my codeine induced state of mind this week, I came up with some weird settings. Here's one. 

I call this one "Living On The Road"
LOL, what was I thinking?

After the photo session another friend of ours owns a day spa in town and she said that being it was the wife's birthday and the oldest girls birthday in two weeks, she would treat all the girls to a day at the spa. They all got massages, manicures, facials and what ever else girls like, I don't know. All I know it took over four hours.
They stashed me away in the back in what they called the man room and it still was not man enough. When they said man's room, I thought big screen TV, hunting and fishing mags laying around, maybe even a game station or something. Oh no, it was a massage chair, calming music and incense burning. Man's room, ha, if they wanted a mans room then they need me do some major redecorating.
After all that, the wife said all she wanted was friends and family to come over, sit by the fire, visit and have a good time.
She got just what she wanted. About 20 friends and family came over for cake and ice cream, a good fire on a chilly night and a great time.
Man that's living right there.


  1. OMG I am jealous lol. I am going to have my hubby read this post so he can get some ideas for next year when I turn 30. The photos look great! Tell your wife we said Happy Birthday!

  2. That was a good idea and turned out well. You have a nice looking family. I hope you get to feeling 100% here soon.

  3. I was so honored to help celebrate a wonderful wife, mother and GREAT friends birthday! Thank you so much for allowing me to capture a few moments into The Life of A Redneck! Much love to you and your family! Laura Bradley, Photo's By Laura

  4. Beautiful pictures. Ms. MDR is a lovely lady, and the rifles were pretty too.

  5. You know the older I get the more I realize the best memories are the ones that don't cost much or are free. Good post.
    PS you needed a dog in there somewhere.

  6. Lovely photos I think my fav is the one with them all in your hand. What a clever photographer. Glad to hear the wifey had a lovely day and hope that you are all recovered now

  7. Duke is right. You not only need a couple of hounddogs, but you need some sort of trophy buck or gator as a prop.

    I'm actually jealous of the redneck photo shoot.

  8. i loooove the redneck photo shoot - what an awesome photographer! tell the wife a ginormic Happy Birthday from both me and jambaloney! also tell her that my best year has been this past year since i turned 40 last november - she has a lot of good stuff coming her way this year and it is only going to keep getting better and better!

    what an awesome looking family you got there brotha - awesome looking family - you should be like a peacock and showing off your feathers!

    anyway buddy - i sure do hope that you are feeling better! and hey - it's your turn on the email thing!

    so glad that your wife had an awesome day! you rock buddy!

    your friend,

  9. Happy Birthday Mrs MDR and the pictures are awesome!

  10. Thank y'all for all the comments,

    Coley- I will and yes it was fun. The best part was that all day did not cost anything.

    ATH - Thank you.

    Laura - No, thank you. It was a great time.

    Stephen - Thank you. Having the rifles out were her idea.

    Duke - I agree, a dog would have made it 100% legit.

    Rhianna - She is a great one and Thank you.

    Mudbug - I think a gator would have been over the top a little but it would have made a good one. Thank you

    kymber - Thank you for the compliments. I will tell her. I do show them off every chance I get.

    mmpaints - I will tell her and Thank you.

  11. You are a good husband. Tell the wife happy birthday.

  12. That sounds absolutely perfect. The pictures were not only a present to her but to the whole family. Now that is a gift a Momma loves.

    Happy belated birthday MrsRedneck and Happy birthday to Blueeyed Redneck.

  13. Thank you G. I will tell them for you.