Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

First off, I know I plug my oldest daughters blog more than others, but I can tell you this, her newest post is a master piece. If you are into prepping or a survivalist you would want to read this one. This post justifies that I am doing and have done the right thing to prep my girls. If you want, go check her out at  BlueEyedBaby

It has been really hard lately to blog everyday. All summer I complained about the heat and not being able to get out and do anything. Well, now it is just the opposite, I am project heavy so to speak.

 I was able to get the oldest girls car rebuild underway so that is good and I also was able to get the walls framed up on the outdoor solar bathroom.

This old wood and rusty used screws are giving me a real fit, but so far the cost of the project is still at zero.
 My helper is really not into it today. She kept saying she needed a shower and I kept telling her it was me that was stinking not her. In the end I can tell you that this girl is the best help. She knows when I am about to mess up and is not afraid to tell me.

I hope to get the rafters up this week.

 If you were wondering, I have not forgotten about letting you know the results of the home made powdered eggs.
The thing is, I am not ready to give them. I am doing the eggs several different ways. First I cooked them with butter then dehydrated them, next I cooked them without butter and dehydrated them, now I hard boiled them and dehydrated them. Next I will try them raw and dehydrate them. I am trying to do it every way there is so I will know the right fit for what I am looking for and need.
Like right now, The hard boiled eggs were sliced thin and dried for 18 hours but when I powdered them, they felt moist. So now they in the oven on a cookie sheet at a low temp to finish them off. Once re-dried, I will run them through the blender one more time.    

I found the time to start a new book. So far this one spot on and has some real good advise.

Oh, did you get the chance to watch the Texas Rangers last night. Oh yea, The boys are going to the big game for the second year in a row.
The cowboys play at 3:00 and I just looked at the clock and seen I missed the kick off.

That should cover it.
Building, cooking, reading, prepping, sports. Now that's a blog post right there.  


  1. The rangers? The only decent game on was the LSU Tigers. And we at the SEC are not too pleased about those.... Aggies joining us. I guess the Aggie jokes will have to start soon.

  2. I have been outside for the past 4 days. I have loved every minute of it. I would like to say that I have gotten a lot done but that just wouldn't be true. I am ok with that though. I am getting some done and allowing myself just to enjoy the fresh cool air. It is nice to be able to enjoy it outdoors after this hot dry summer.

  3. Hey Mudbug! Don't bash too hard :) We know it'll take a while to get in the rhythm with all you big ol' football players.

  4. I like it when I work and have someone to point out mistakes, keeps you humble.

  5. Sorry you missed it MudBug but if you don't think a 9 run inning is something to get excited about then, sorry buddy.

    G - I have noticed I am moving a little slower and taking more time to complete tasks as well. I found myself yesterday sitting in the shade just watching the animals when I should have been working. So it's not just you so don't feel bad.

    Duke - Unless it's your youngest girl that already knows everything.

  6. MDR, buddy - sounds like you bin bizzy, bizzy, bizzy! i have added BlueEyedBaby to our blogroll and will go check yer out in a minute!

    as for the eggs - keep us updated - i am waiting for your results before i start any!

    gonna go and find that book NOW!

    your friend,

  7. dude - SLOW DOWN!!

    just so the rest of us can catch up!! i'm feeling like a bump on a log watching you go, gotta get out there and do something to feel worthy!!

    canadian high five for ya:

    "just give'r buddy!"

  8. Kymber - Thanks for showing your support for the girl. I can't thank you enough.
    It does not look good on the eggs, but I will save that for another post.

    Jam - Man I wished I got into a hurry. I caught myself a couple of times sitting in the shade watching the animals enjoy the good weather. I had to snap out of it and get some work done. I am glad I don't have a hammock or nothing would get done.
    I even shut it down a little before three just to go in and watch the Cowboys do what they do best. A true shame.
    Texas high five back at ya.

  9. Wow, it really looks like it is coming together. Looks good. Let us know how dehydrating eggs turns out.

    P.S. I predict my Cardinals win the WS in 6 games!!!

  10. Coley - Thanks for the compliment. Well, at least you are giving the Rangers at least two games.