Monday, October 24, 2011

It Runs In The Family

The wife was out garage selling with her girl buddy and came across an old wine press.
I don't know if the first thing she thought of was me or the wine I could make.
The lady was asking $60 for it and the wife did what she does best, started talking.
All the parts are there. The outer tin, the inside screen and even the wooden handle. It all works too, it just needs a little cleaning.

After the wife was done, she talked the lady down to $10 and took it home.
I checked on ebay and found the same ones for anywhere between $125.00 to $185.00

I hear Watermelon wine calling my name.


  1. Good job by the MRS! I bet that's not the first bargain she brought home either. You better make HER some watermelon wine!

    : )

  2. OH my wtg Mrs Modern Day Redneck! Wine sign me up!

  3. Excellent deal, looks like it would be worth that much in scrap iron value.

  4. Watermelon wine, and grape vines too.

  5. That is a great find! I think I might be a little jealous except I don't drink. I had a problem once with loving it to much.

  6. Beats stomping grapes with your feet! Looks like a heck of find.

  7. HB - No, not the first. I was pretty cheap as well.

    Texan - Your on the list.

    Duke - Solid cast iron, about 60 pounds.

    Stephen - I had a huge grape vine at my old house. We made home made grape juice all the time but never tried wine.

    G - That is the way I am with Captain Morgan.

    RB - Thank for the comment.

    John - Yes it does my friend.