Saturday, October 29, 2011

BOB Test Run- Report #2

 Ok, tube tents are defiantly out. I can pick up a couple of cheap dome tents that would be a lot better than a piece of thin plastic that does not even have ends. Plus a good sleeping bag would be worth it. I could roll it up and attach it to the bottom of the bag.

Tonight I plan on cheating a little.
Well, I guess it is really not cheating. I have stuff in the truck that I always keep like blankets and tarps folded up under the back seat. So to use them would not be cheating I don't think. Because if we had to bug out, more than likely the truck will be with me anyway, right? 

Breakfast was easy. Breakfast bars, vitamins and instant coffee. For the 10:00 AM snack, protein bars and hot chocolate.

For lunch, Vienna Weenies and Mexican Style Macaroni and Cheese and flavored water. Yum, Yum.

One thing I am adding to the truck innovatory is a my thin compact camp stove with 2 packs of fuel bottles. Heating everything off the fire is a pain and it takes more energy to gather wood and keep a fire going during the day than what it is worth. Plus the fire takes longer to heat the water than a stove. A small two burner camp stove would do the trick. I know they sell those little compact single burner cooking stoves, but I do not have the room in my bag for it.

Light is another problem. Flashlights are good for moving about and the fire gives off enough light right around the fire area. The main problem I am facing is the food prepping or staging area. I either have to hold the flash light in my mouth or have someone hold the light for me. A couple of LED clip on hat lights or head lamps will be added to the Bag.

This is good.


  1. What an educational experience this is for you guys and all of us. Thanks for sharing!

    I have one comment about the headlamps ...we bought them when we first moved here because we don't have lights at the stalls for when we have to feed horses after dark. I thought headlamps would be perfect. They certainly light the path in front of me but they also act as Come Hither Beacon for every flying insect within 100 yards. At first it was just a few annoying moths. Then JUNE BUG SEASON rolled around. Ugh! I know June Bugs won't hurt you, but they're just ...well ...creepy! Their legs have velcro sticking power too ...they get hung on your clothes and in your hair. Ewwww!

    So now when I feed after dark, I wear the headlamp as a necklace ...that way the bugs are at least not flying into my eyes, mouth and hair! LOL

  2. I came across the same problem with the headlamp. Bugs flying at my face. Not amusing at all.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us so we can learn with you.

    The question that came up for me as I was reading is, What is your long term plan for food. Food you brought with you will soon be used up. Do you have a food plan for extended periods of bug out?

  3. Do you stay reasonably warm with those thin foil-type blankets? I have a couple but wonder if they really help keep your body heat in. I think hand warmers would be used up quick. What about your water supply? What are you doing with that? Do you have a purifier? If so, what do you have. We need to be getting one ASAP.

  4. I didn't even think about something to sleep in or on or under put two of those thermon blankets in our bag bug now after reading what yall went through am going to do some further planning and the food too thanks for doing your experiment helped me a lot

  5. HB - Thanks for comment on the head lamps. When I work nights I wear one and yes I agree about the bugs, but that is better than when I was holding the light in my mouth like a cigar and they flew right in. Protein yes, taste, not so much.

    G - Good question. I really have not blogged on this but at our meeting spot we have a buried cache of enough to survive on for a month. By that time I should hope my caveman instincts take over and I can hunt and gather for the food we need.

    Rose - The foil blankets worked only if you laid on one and covered up with another tucked in on all sides while you were fully clothed wearing a coat, two pairs of socks, a shirt over your head, gloves and if you had a real blanket to throw over you as well. Other than that they are a jewel.
    We cheated some and used the parks treated water because I did not want to waste our tablets and life straws. I don't know when I will have the money to replace them so I did not want to be out if we needed them for real.

    Anony - It was fun but I did have a point where I wanted it to end. Knowing I was doing this to me and my family when we really did not have too almost got to me. In just a few hours I longed for the camping environment we have grown accustom too.

  6. Headlights, and you need a good alcohol stove.

  7. Stephen - I thought of those. I will have to look into them.