Friday, October 28, 2011

BOB Test Run- Report #1

It is 11:25PM and everyone is bedded down for the night, It is cold and the thermal space blanket things are not giving the warmth we are accustom too. There is nothing like a warm comforter tucked in on all sides to keep you warm on a cold night.
Only a few hours in and I have already started to miss the comforts of home.
Tonight we had Spanish rice in the form of an MRE and pound cake for desert.

The tube tents give little shelter to the elements and are not as roomy as they show on the package.

I can see the hand warmers already being used up quickly. The good thing is, it will be in the low 70's for tomorrow.

The only electronic devices we brought along is the wife's cell phone and this lap top so to keep y'all informed. No way to charge either so this will be short to conserve power.

Note to self: Buy a real tent and warm sleeping bags. 


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  2. I very much agree on the tents, and bags. MRE's aren't all that great either, are they....

  3. I think it is a great idea to do a test run to make sure your BOB is really what you need I think it is great you do the test run and we will learn from you and as for the cold you never know when you might need them so that makes it even better just hope no one gets a cold from this the mre don't seem like such a bad idea either all I have in mine is some water, crackers,cereal bars, and canned tuna salad better than nothing but not much
    good luck

  4. Hope all goes well, and hope it does not get as cold there as it is here.

  5. I think you have done the right thing a do a test run. Now you know what you will need and can act on this. AT lest you are not getting any snow like out east.

  6. I have left overs from when our two boys went to Philmont Boy Scout High Adventure Camp. They had to have equipment that would fit in their packs without overloading them in weight. The sleeping bags also needed to go down to fairly low temps in order to keep them warm during the New Mexico cold nights. We purchased those items at Dicks over in Frisco.

  7. Philmont Supplies for personal & team:

    Philmont Health and Safety information
    (I found this informative)

  8. Stephen - I agree. I have now changed my way of looking at it. Better tents and better food.

    Anony - The MRE's were just that, meals ready to eat. They did fill a void and give the calories that were needed but if you are not ready or used to small meals then you will be in for a surprise on how hungry you stay. It was hard not eat one an hour.

    John - No it did not get that cold and if it would have then I would have went home. Sorry, not a wimp here but we are not set up for snow and bitter cold.

    RB - That is a good thing and like I said, I would not have gone if it was snowing.

    G - Thanks for the links. I will check them out when I get back to work.