Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Beating

Work has been a beating this week. I long for the day I get to work full time on the Mini Farm. It cannot get here quick enough.

I got my Modern Day Redneck cards and bumper stickers in the mail today so now that makes all this Bonafide right? I also received the official Mini Farm cards so the general public will not scared off by the redneck thing.

The youngest girl has been creating a rabbit show calendar this week and she has really out done herself. She penciled in for us to go to shows like Houston and San Antonio and even the National convention way up North. I think she had 13 shows in all she was wanting to go to this year. After I was done with the list we now only have 9 and two of those are iffy. I give her credit for the enthusiasm though.

The wood cutting party is this weekend and it sounds like it is going to be a big one this year. What better fun is there besides open fire cooking, beer, chainsaws and a bunch of rednecks?


  1. Too bad you live so far away! That wood cutting party sounds fun!

  2. Too bad you don't live closer to us, Redneck. We could go to your wood cutting party and you could come to our fence (re)building party!

    With enthusiasm like that, your youngest is bound to do great at the rabbit shows. Good for her and good for you and Ms Redneck for supporting her efforts!

  3. WWRWH, I have been to a few of those parties too. I think I would rather build fence than haul wood.
    SFG, All and all it is a good time. Even if it's cutting wood, the whole family is there and with good friends helping.