Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weeding Out

After checking the animal budget it seams we need to weed some animals out for the winter. The thought, is why feed all the extra animals grain all winter when we plan on selling them this spring anyway, right?

These extra animals mostly consist of over ten beautiful roosters anyone would love to have. They will make great pets, yard ornaments or fill a hungry belly when needed.

I also need to sell a couple of goats. Lucy's momma is a kid throwing machine. She has up to three kids at a time and gets her figure back in just a few short weeks.

And this five month old is one of the goats we got from a real nice lady that really knew how to take care of goats. She would be a perfect Christmas present for that special someone.

Oh and I still have two Flemish Giants that are so big a cuddly that you might mistake them for being a stuffed animal. They love to be hand fed.


  1. Hmm ...if that was a sales pitch on any of the above, we need to work on your marketing! Just kidding. I know what you mean. Eat the roosters. Heck, eat the goats if no one buys ...although goat sells around here. Especially cabrito.

    You might make up some flyers for your local feed stores. With pictures if you have a color printer. Back when there was still a market for horses, I sold more horses that way than paying for Internet advertising.

    Pretty rabbit!

    : )

  2. I thought about that sales pitch after I pushed the publish button. My Craig's List add did not refer back to the blog but I think I should start doing that to increase traffic. I probably need to go back and edit the post hu?

  3. Ok done deal. Check it out and see if it's any better this time.

    The roosters are not going to be ready to eat till spring, I have eaten goats but never a pygmy goat before but would do it if needed too.

    I was just looking at the cost to winter them all and I also needed some Christmas money.