Sunday, December 5, 2010

It Was Almost A Do Nothing Day

Last night I was making fun of and laughing at the slightly older crowd with all there groaning and complaining about being sore and not able to move after all the work they did at the wood cutting party. I was bragging and told them I felt like a spring chicken and could go another round tomorrow if they wanted to.
When I tried to get out of bed this morning that is when I realized I ain't no spring chicken any more either. I tell you this, I'm not a couch potato but just that one day of hard labor made me feel like I don't ever do anything. It was tough to get out and get the "want too" started.

But I did and me and the youngest girl got the fancy mini chicken breeder pen done today.
All it needs now is a coat of paint that I think can wait till after the new year. The chickens did not seem to mind it was not painted.

Today ended with a bang. The wife treating us to stuffed bell peppers and fried potatoes and onions, plus the Cowboys won. What a great way to end a hard worked weekend.


  1. Mike was gone all day working off a barter deal with a friend( we got 12-15 cords of wood, he has a lumbermill and this is a semi load of logs he got, only to find out they were to dry and when he tried cutting them they split)For the wood Mike is building an insulated wall and floor as an addition to his wood planing and sanding shop.
    Anyho, Mike was glad to see the Cowboys won when he got home :O)

    Funny how age just sorta creeps up on us, I feel it after a long winter, so this winter am trying to keep active, hauling water, shoveling snow, hauling firewood and even goign for walks when it's nice enough.

    That sort of tired is a good tired though*wink*
    Blessings for your week,

  2. There ain't no way I would split that much wood. Plus, it would rot by the time we used it. We go through about a cord and a half every winter. Keep in mind our winters are near as bad as yalls.