Monday, December 27, 2010

One Year Ago

This time last year we had a foot of snow on the ground with no end in sight. It was the worst winter in history around these parts. One year later, it will be 74 degrees this week.

I took the last two days off and did absolutely nothing besides your normal Christmas events with the family. I say normal, you know your a redneck when your best Christmas present is a incubator. I sure needed it too. Now I have two I can set all summer long. We will be pumping out the chicks this year.   

Another reason I took the last two days off was because it came one heck of a rain and it is still really muddy, but cabin fever got the better of me today.
Even though it was cold and muddy, I decided I had enough of cleaning the house and went out to get the string pulled in the conduit so I can at least get the wire pulled in tomorrow.
Yes it was awful working conditions but I managed to push on.
I attempted blowing the string in last Thursday but ended up not being able too, so today I built a neat little device that had a automatic string feed and a seal that would keep the air pressure up in the pipe so my fishing cork would make it all the way to the end. After several attempts that did not work either and I was just about to give up because I was cold, muddy and out of ideas when I tried one more thing.
I modified my device attaching it to a garden hose and used water pressure to push the cork. It took it a little while and when I heard the youngest yelling from the barn for me to stop, I was relieved. Finally, success!

So tomorrow the plan is to attempt the wire pull. I am pulling three #6 wire squeezed into a 3/4 conduit. The big wire is to make up for the voltage drop going that far.
Hopefully I will have power down there by the weekend.         


  1. Good luck with your electrical project, we did the trench/conduit thing from the house to the main barn a few years ago.. after that we did it the redneck way, stringing the line through the trees to the chicken coop :)

  2. There is not anything wrong with hanging it in the trees Anonymous. That is the way we had our house wired down on the old farm for years, until the kids came along and we needed more power.