Tuesday, December 28, 2010

At Least It's Something

I know it is not much but at least I got out and waded through the mud and did something today.
The wife and kids bundled up to come out and help and I could not have done it without them.

I guess the stars were aligned or something because we got the wire pulled though the conduit on the first try. It stayed drizzling rain for most of the day so I decided to stay in the barn and set the breaker box and wire one outlet up so at least when we hook the wires up to the meter I will have some place to plug into at the barn.
I am still a little iffy about messing around the meter base. I know I can kill the power to the house and connect the wires but the Neutral inside the main has me skittish. Being that it does not go through the breaker and comes straight out of the meter I do not know if it will be hot or not.
I guess I need to do some reading on it tonight plus I do not plan to hook anything up while it is raining. The weather man said last night is was going to be sunny and 74 tomorrow. Now they changed it to rain and in the 40's. It figures, on my vacation last year I was snowed in and now this year I am rained in. How can they get my hopes up like that.   

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