Saturday, December 4, 2010

Came And Went

Another wood cutting party has come and gone.
We ended up having more people than we thought show up and it appeared everyone went away happy.

Every year for the past six or seven years we have a little party like this. I remember when we started it all and youth was on our side, we would always cut and split more wood than was needed. I guess the fall's cool weather just brought out the "want too" in everyone back then and we thought we had something to prove.
This year though, old man time has started setting in and every stick was loaded and actually had room for a little more but decided it was good enough.

How it goes is, we cut until noon and then take a break and have bite to eat and tell lies. Then we split the cut wood and load everything in the trucks.

Usually it is the younger ones with the strong backs that do most of the splitting while the rest of us stand around and tell them what they are doing wrong. I make a great supervisor.

While I was doing the mindless cutting I could not help but think of stupid stuff to write on here tonight. This is what I thought of;

At The Wood Cutting Party
Where the sawdust flies and there is crust in your eyes,
At the wood cutting party.
Where the fire roars and you can't take no more,
At the wood cutting party.
Where the wienies are fired and your o' so tired,
At the wood cutting party.
Where the men are men and the women are too,
At the wood cutting party.
Where the beer flows free and so does the pee,
At the wood cutting party.

Tell me that ain't funny right there!


  1. Hilarious, Redneck!

    I write little ditties like that in my head when I'm shredding the pasture. Several hours of listening to the dull roar of the tractor, punctuated by the occasional jarring lurch of the shredder encountering root or small rock does that to me ...or maybe it's the diesel fumes. Who know?

    : )

  2. That aint funny it's hilarious! Looks like a good turn out for you all. We used to get invited to firewood parties, that is until they found out that we don't take a break until the splitter runs out of gas( it has a 5 gallon tank,*wink*)let me tell you you can cut and split a whole lotta wood before that break comes, LOL!!! We have friends who own a towing business, they were the only ones that could keep up with us and while Donny would cut, the kids would haul it to Mike on the splitter and then the kids would haul the split wood to Sharon and myself, where we'd stack it on the rollback tow truck. That truck if stacked right could hold 4 cord of wood. Sometimes if we were feeling especially energtic we make two loads in one weekend and in only three weekends everyone had more than enough wood for winter.

    Like your saw, Mike has two, one with a 24" bar and the other with a 30" bar. This is because we end up getting HUGE tree!

    Are you done?
    Love that ditty too!

  3. Kelle, We will have to make one more trip near the end of February but we are done for now. I tell you this, I could not keep up with yall being that gung ho.
    WWRWH, I have solved most of my life's problems going around in circles on a tractor and I think you are right, I think the fumes have a lot to do with it.