Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's A Secret

One good thing about being new to the show rabbit world is that from here, the only way is up. Plus people are more than happy to share how much they know about the rabbit business.
Take for instance, our rabbits were a little on the thin side so that gave people the perfect opportunity to tell us how to fatten up a rabbit in a hurry.
A older guy who has been showing rabbits for over twenty five years took us under his wing on this subject and told us about a secret, magic food mixture that will make the rabbits nice and fat plus it will give the bunny a coat of fur to die for.
So yesterday the wife was able to locate all the ingredients to have the magic brew mixed up and we started to feed it today.
First, a syringe of yogurt once every two days applied directly into the rabbits mouth. (Make sure they don't get on there whiskers)(I don't know why)
Next, A mixture of 50 lbs of show rabbit feed (only from Bluebonnet) mixed with 8 qts of Steamed rolled barley and 6 qts of Black oil sunflower seeds.
Next, three teaspoons of frog pee and, well maybe I am making that part up but it does fit.
Mix it all together and free feed till you get the weight and fullness you want from the rabbit.

All I can say is "What could it hurt?" I am willing to try anything once and if this guy has been doing this for 25 years then that is 24 years, 11 months, 1 week and a few days longer than me.
I will tell you this, The steamed rolled barley and black oil sunflower seeds are hard to come by down here. I wonder if I can substitute one for the hair off a worms back?


  1. Not the hair off a worms back, but maybe a hen's tooth. lol. Good luck.

  2. We got our black oil sunflower seeds from Tractor Supply. We use ours for our chickens. They are very high in vitamins and the chickens really love them. Are you sure there is no eye of newt in there too? LOL.

  3. That's too funny. Thank yall for the comments.