Monday, December 13, 2010

Chrismas Party

Last night was my place of employment's Christmas party.
All and all it was a nice set up. It would have been really fun if it was on a Friday or Saturday night but never less, it was good.

As soon as the wife and I walked in they gave me my yearly Christmas bonus and just like every good husband does, I gave half of it to the wife.
It's funny how they had gambling tables there as well. Within the first hour at the blackjack table I lost $5000.00 The wife was betting light so she was up a few hundred and feeling good about it.

With only 5k of my half of the money left, I decided to put it all on black at the roulette table and hit it. Now I was back to the original 10k again.
By this time the wife was up at least 4 grand and I was not wanting to chance it anymore but peer pressure got the better of me and ended up giving it all away.
It is amazing how quick $20,000 goes when your having fun. Plus it was fake money anyway.

Do you really think I would have gambled away that much money if it was real, plus did you really think I worked at a job that gave that kind of bonus? I wish!


  1. Whew! I was sweating bullets until I got to the end. I just kept thinking what is Redneck up to and is this for real*wink*

    Personally we avoid Christmas parties for the most part, If like Mike was told for one party that he HAD to attend we did and slipped out early. Typically we don't socialize with anyone Mike works with so it means an uncomfortable situation.

    Glad to hear you didn't really loose anything and that you had fun in the process.

  2. You really had me going there. First I was like,"I would KILL you if you were my husband!" Then I was thinking,"Whew, at least he got it all back." And then it was," You lost $20,000???? What kind of job do you have????" After reading the last part I can relax now. Thanks for the

  3. Let me tell yall this, if I had 20k giving to me like that, this little mini farm would take on a whole new look.
    Thanks for the funny comments