Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laughing Out Loud

How do the people text laughing out loud, LOL?
That is what I did just a few minutes ago when I saw the weather.
We broke the record today with temps thirty degrees above the average. It topped out at 85 but a cold front is sitting at the red river ready come on into Texas.
What was so funny about the whole thing was, it has not really rained here since October and Friday is when I plan on digging the power line ditch down to the big barn. You guessed it, that is when it is going to rain. Amazing.
On a lighter note, I was really proud when I came home last night. I found the youngest with a shovel in her hand digging the trench. I asked her why she was doing it and she said she did not want me to have to do it all. AWWWW, how can you not love something like that. She dug a good twenty foot or so.
Now just 300 more feet and we will have this thing licked.   


  1. What a GREAT kid! Do you own a pick ax? She could give you a head start and when you're twenty feet or so 'downstream' of her, let her start shoveling. If she dug 20 feet in packed dirt in just an afternoon, the kid's got moxie!

    We're about the same for rain. The fertilizer and seed we put out at the end of November is pretty much down the drain. No rain in sight for us. Bummer...