Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do Whatever Day

Honestly, I do not like going to the big lumber box stores but on Sundays they are the only ones open.

I woke the wife early with a "Get up! Lets go" and let me tell you that worked real good. Sometime later she got in the truck with a "I'm going to kill you look" but I was able to avoid any harm by getting her a big Sonic Dr. Pepper on our way to town.
I had to get the conduit so I could run power down to the big barn and the only place open was Lowe's. I don't know why it had to be right then or even today but in my head, I needed to go right now. Next Friday I plan to rent a trencher and during Christmas I plan to at least get the pipe in the ground and the wire pulled.

I was real eager to get started so I took my shovel and started to dig the 350 foot trench by hand. I dug for what seemed like hours today with the neighbors cheering me on I felt like nothing could stop me. When I thought I had really done some damage to this trench I looked up and I was only fifteen feet from where I started.
That was it, I was done. I am too old and fat to continue without power equipment. At least I got past the water line and the house's power line.

Other things that happened today were,
  1. We got all the chicken and rabbit pens cleaned and re-bedded with fresh shavings and hay.
  2. Organized the mini barn.
  3. Moved around some chickens and took an inventory of what we had.
  4. Moved a bunch of stuff out of the way for when I get the trencher this week.
For this week I plan to come home and stare at the massive trench I dug and I can bet at least one of those days I will think I am man enough to keep digging it by hand just to go only a couple of more feet before saying "To heck with this".


  1. Reality checks are mostly mental when we're young. As we get older, they come in the form of blisters, sore backs and achy joints. Rent your trencher and get 'er done with as little wear and tear on yourself as possible. Yeah, it costs money ...but so do salves and painkillers and trips to the chiropractor if you REALLY mess yourself up!

    As you say, at least you got past the underground utilities. When you fire up the trencher next week, you can go full bore straight ahead.

    : )

  2. I say I got past them but I could dig a hole in the middle of the desert and still hit a water line.

  3. in your pics you posted it looks like you have the black gumbo dirt that stuff is like cement when it is dry and bubble gum when it is wet if I were you I would rent the trencher also save your back not worth getting down where you can't do anything God bless and have a good week

  4. You are right about the dirt and also about letting the equipment do the work. The trencher although is financially out of the question now since the wife went Christmas shopping but I do have something else up my sleeve.